Geiger Networks Inc.

Geiger Networks is a professional sales organization that specializes in physical layer network infrastructure products along with security cameras, network monitoring equipment, and access control.
Founded in 2000 by John Geiger in Fullerton, CA, today the company has a branch in Phoenix, AZ and offices in Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico, where they also represent Arteco.

What has been the biggest key to success with your Rep Firm over the years?

The key to our success is our people: we can boast of having highly trained technical sales reps that have extensive industry experience. The key is our commitment to ongoing education, which means always work on topnotch technology, the Challenger Selling model as our primary sales technique to show our customers that thing that can make them stand out of the crowd.
Finally, the study of our competitors’ offerings gives us the possibility to provide comparison selling too.

What attracted you to partner with Arteco in your territory?

We had customers looking for VMS solutions and as we spoke with them, a few of them mentioned Arteco as an up-and-comer. They spoke about the capability of Arteco to provide LPR and Event management tools, and we ended up persuaded that this collaboration would have been fruitful for both of us.

What has surprised you about working with Arteco so far?

The incredible amount of factory support. Over the years, we have experienced companies who really don’t understand how to interact with Manufacturers Representatives. Arteco is excellent about how to gain the mindshare of our sales reps in a method that maximizes synergistic selling.

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John Geiger
Bret Aldstadt

21 November 2019 · Categories: Blog, Partnership