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Robustness and Powerful: Arteco 7000.

Arteco 7000 is the 19” rack mountable industrial surveillance server ideal for those who need to manage IP video surveillance designed for medium to large installations that require high performance and reliability. Arteco 7000 can handle IP video sources from all major international manufacturers and is compatible with ONVIF ™ and RTSP devices.

Each Arteco 7000 comes pre-loaded and tested with your selection of Camera licenses (sold separately). Choose the version that fits your needs between Pure, eMotion, Active or Extreme, and we will prepare the ready-to-use NVR.

Do you require a flexible, robust system with ample recordings storage? The answer is Arteco 7000, a powerful NVR that offers the ability to install up to 8 HDD. Not sure if you will need to add storage in the future? Arteco 7000 gives you the ability to add storage capacity after installation thanks to disk controllers with full hot swap support.

Integrate your alarm and security systems using the Arteco Plug-Ins for comprehensive control of your security.

Complete your Arteco 7000 with the optional Arteco Everywhere 2.0 modules for a fully integrated security solution.

Experience a system that maximizes your protection while minimizing unnecessary energy costs.

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