Wherever your security system is installed, its correct functioning is an integral part of security itself.

Insight was conceived by Arteco as a Business Intelligence platform, an effective tool for Security managers and maintenance staff to better understand the status of all the systems, the integrated devices and to analyze how operators work.

Being hosted on Amazon AWS, Insight is a multi-tenant and highly scalable cloud-based solution. Accessible via any device, Insight allows you to easily manage and monitor hundreds of systems in one single platform.

Insight connects to both Omnia and uSee VMSes and gathers, classifies and processes events to produce intuitive and easy-to-interpret diagrams, whilst proactively sends email notifications. Insight does not receive, neither store, any video, image, or sensitive data.

No worries. Cybersecurity and privacy are a mission for us.



Insight is capable to monitor, organize and analyze events in three categories:


Under this category, Insight classifies and processes events such as off-line servers, camera disconnections, storage hard-drive failures and more.
For such events Insight has a dual function: not only receive and count events, but also analyze the duration of events.
It might be very important to know for how-long a camera has been disconnected, or if a Server is still off-line.


It includes a whole set of search tools for analyzing all the events generated by integrated devices, such as VCA events, License Plate Recognition, Intrusions, Violated Areas and many others.
Insight provides an overview of these events, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of fluctuations or peaks or event trends in a given area, understanding how they vary over time.
From these reports, for example, you can quickly identify if the video analysis is generating too many false alarms, then quickly try to find the reason on Omnia or uSee and identify an incorrect calibration or the presence of vegetation.


This analysis tool allows you to understand how the events received by the VMS are managed, who takes charge of them and which ones are resolved. It is an effective way to analyze the workload of security officers and to make alarm management more efficient.


Insight is not just dashboards. It works as a pro-active platform that sends emails only when relevant events occur, under certain circumstances, depending on your needs:

  • Notify events live: Insight sends a notification as soon as the chosen event happens, without any analysis.
  • Aggregated events in a time span: once the event is defined, Insight sends a notification only when it happens as many times in a specified time interval. Example: Insight sends an email when a camera goes off-line every minute (5 times in 5 minutes).
  • Notify persisting events in a time span: it means Insight sends an email a selected event does not return within a specified amount of time. For example: a server that goes and stays off-line for more than 5 minutes. Note: This notification and event analysis type applies only to Diagnostics events.
  • Notify events selected by keywords: Insight sends an email when, among the selected servers/devices, the event description contains the specified keyword(s). For example, the keyword can be a license plate, a name of a person or a specific object class.

No matter where you are, with Insight you have full control of your security systems.

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