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Today’s retailers must address a number of needs to ensure customer satisfaction and maximize profits, while also protecting assets, employees and customers. Video surveillance is a valuable addition to any retail environment because it allows organizations to boost business intelligence, mitigate risk, streamline front-end training and provide stakeholders with a better picture of customer demographics, advanced asset tracking devices and marketing data. Video analytics, such as people-counting, heat mapping and traffic pattern analysis, adds greater value and increases ROI, expanding the use of video across retail infrastructures.


Arteco Video Event Management Software (VEMS) is designed to help retail organizations gain the most relevant video and security information at any given time. The focus is on identifying critical events and areas of interest, rather than sifting through hours of non-critical video footage. Loss prevention teams can ‘see the difference’ to help ensure the protection of employees, data and infrastructure, while increasing awareness of retail theft and fraud trends.


Arteco VEMS empowers retailers to make sense of a vast amount of video data, making video monitoring less cumbersome. The system allows users to ignore unimportant data by focusing on the most important information to increase informed response, increase situational awareness and improve loss prevention.


The VEMS interface unifies alarms and notifications from multiple devices and systems into a single, intuitive interface. The platform is also customizable to each organization’s specific needs.


Its open platform eases integration of third-party solutions. Arteco complies with a wide range of global security standards. Arteco Open Connector provides deeper integration options, allowing companies to build a best-in-class security solution, regardless of manufacturer.


Arteco solutions require fewer installation and training hours, aiding in cost-efficiency for organizations that must meet strict budgetary requirements. Over time, stakeholders see a reduction in total cost of ownership and increased ROI by choosing to invest in a solution that enhances intelligence, management and flexibility.



With the ability to integrate POS into the Arteco VEMS platform, retailers can improve the investigation of suspicious register transactions. To quickly identify fraudulent transactions, operators can search the transaction history by querying predefined criteria and view the video tied to these events. The integration of video and transaction data enables retailers to be more proactive with loss prevention and theft reduction.

Arteco Face Recognition

Arteco Analytics Extreme

Marketing Platform

Arteco Events Analytics


  • Easily expandable and scalable
  • Simple integration of third-party devices and systems such as video analytics, access control, industrial automation, fire detection, perimeter and intrusion detection solutions
  • Built-in video analytics
  • Bidirectional audio support
  • Advance storage and redundancy management
  • One-time license charge and no recurring license fees
  • Two years of feature updates included
  • Free onsite training opportunities
  • Complimentary 24/7 Web and phone support
  • Operators can customize interface to meet specific needs

Lexus of Lakeway depends on Arteco VEMS software to deter fraud, theft

There is an old saying about how everything is bigger in Texas and in the case of Lexus of Lakeway, the expression certainly rings true. Located less than 20 miles from the burgeoning technology hub of Austin, the luxury automobile dealers ship sits on more than 30 acres in the small town of Lakeway, which is home to just over 11,000 residents. The dealership, which is a sister store to Lexus of Austin, has only been open for a year and offers customers a unique car-buying experience.

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