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The newest version of Arteco NEXT, the master controller of the Video Event Management Software (VEMS), is easy, powerful, scalable and reliable. SEEtheDIFFERENCE by choosing the camera license with the feature set that best suits your video security needs. Arteco NEXT is included for FREE with every camera license allowing users to easily and quickly expand their IP Video world from a single-server, lower camera count installation with Pure or eMotion to a higher, multi-server environment with Active and Extreme.

Arteco NEXT is so easy, thousands of systems worldwide are already realizing the difference!

Contact us today to find the version that best suits your needs and apply for a trial installation.


Arteco NEXT

Take full control your video surveillance system from anywhere, quickly and easily at the touch of your fingertips whether you are using one or more monitors or video wall systems. With NEXT’s specifically designed graphical interfaces, video retrieval, direct management of alarms, video analytics, or access control events are made easy from the start. Take advantage of our client’s world-class cutting-edge features! Starting from 1/1/2018, new releases of ARTECO NEXT will be able to manage VMS Server version 4.0.3 -build […]

Arteco ME: for free, forever!

The “ME” version of our VEMS includes a license for 2 IP channels and now it is completely free! Included are: storage functions on local and network devices ONVIF support network I/O management unlimited number of users Registration takes less than a minute so fill out the form below to access it right away!  You will receive an email with the link to download it.  

Arteco Pure

The “Pure” version is what you need for quick and easy monitoring of up to 20 cameras in a mono-server environment. Take complete control of your pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras and encoders and, as you will see, Pure is the ideal solution to retrofit your analog video surveillance installation into an innovative digital state-of-the-art system, with cutting-edge IP technology. Pure gives you all of its control functions on a PC via the client software Arteco NEXT or through any web browser, […]

Arteco eMotion

If you are looking for more functionality with basic built-in analytical features included, then eMotion is the right choice for you. It is the first mono-server version allowing for unlimited number of user profiles and that’s not all: it is expandable and scalable according to your needs so you can add various options and include Arteco Everywhere 2.0 to remotely activate your I/O devices right from your software client. Moreover, you can add plugins to quickly check the alarms coming […]

Arteco Active

Everything is under control with this truly interactive experience in Video Event Management Software. Add as many sites and as many servers as you desire. Control the Advanced Area Analytics from all cameras while experiencing the graphic controls of 3rd party devices on the multi-level mapping feature. Decide which users can view which cameras at a given site and define the features each user role can experience. Add the power of advance perimeter detection devices, intrusion alarm panels and LPR […]

Arteco Extreme

Stay one step ahead with Extreme, Arteco’s most powerful version ever. Extreme does it all: advanced video analysis for object and area video analytics, storage failover, Microsoft Active Directory support and Arteco Videowall all built-in! Unlimited site and user profile management makes Extreme the perfect solution not just for large companies and organizations but also for anybody who wants to achieve high-level monitoring performance in real-time. Contact us to learn more about Arteco Extreme  

Arteco Analytics Extreme

Arteco Analytics Extreme is a set of advanced video analysis plug-ins designed to meet Retail and Security Manager requirements. Arteco Analytics Extreme is available in two versions, both exclusively for Arteco Extreme VEMS. Analytics Extreme RETAIL Is the integrated video analytic solution set which allows to improve the security and the business performance of chain shops, stores, malls and many more. Thanks to the advanced video analytic algorithms, Analytics Extreme RETAIL allows to have the statistical data related to the […]

Arteco Open Connector

Arteco Open Connector is the integration platform that make the interoperability between systems, devices and different types of applications more intuitive and easy than ever imagined. FLEXIBLE Arteco Open Connector goes beyond the concept of open platform, giving the partners the ability to integrate systems in total freedom and allowing them to customize every aspect of the interface, adapting it to every kind of installation and placing the needs of the end customer in focus. EASY Interoperability is remarkably simple with […]

Arteco LPR

Integration between different devices is becoming increasingly necessary in the security world. Arteco LPR combines license plate reading with video surveillance, increasing the level of security and control of each installation while maintaining ease of use, sensible costs, and optimization of resources. FLEXIBLE There are many areas in which the Arteco LPR Plugin can be applied: access control, crime prevention and control of territory, employee time/attendance monitoring, and many others. Depending on your needs, there are two different approaches to license […]

Arteco Easy Traffic

EasyTraffic is a Web-based software solution that manages information from license plate recognition (LPR) cameras, providing users with critical data about vehicular traffic within a designated area. EasyTraffic acquires images from LPR-enabled cameras and combines them with high-resolution images from IP cameras to deliver details of the license plate and a wider, detailed view of the environment. EasyTraffic is flexible and expandable, and is designed for various events including: Watch list management and alerts Vehicle identification (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc) […]

Arteco Events Analytics

Arteco Events Analytics (AEA) is the solution that improves, simplifies and enhances the management of the events generated by every Arteco system and the configured devices. A unique and innovative web-based platform, AEA supports the user in the diagnosis of the health of their overall security solution by reporting on the alarm events as well as the management of  processes and operator duties. Thanks to the intuitive graphic interface of Arteco Events Analytics, each user has the ability to view, […]

Arteco Contact ID

The Arteco NEXT Contact-ID plug-in offers customers unprecedented integration with fire and intrusion alarms, enhancing event management and further streamlining business operations by increasing communication and connectivity between third-party devices. Contact ID is widely recognized as the most common standard protocol in the intrusion and fire alarm industry, containing user ID information and alarm information as well as alarm systems’ status information. The Arteco Contact ID plug-in enables users to receive associated alarm events within the Arteco NEXT VEMS interface. […]

Arteco Marketing Platform

Today’s retailers must address a number of needs to ensure customer satisfaction and maximize profits, while also protecting assets, employees and customers. Arteco Marketing Platform is a valuable solution for any retail environment because it allows organizations to boost business intelligence, mitigate risk, streamline front-end training and provide stakeholders with a better picture of customer demographics, advanced asset tracking devices and marketing data. WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS Arteco Marketing Platform is the ideal solution for several vertical markets, including: Retail: loss prevention, […]

Arteco Face Recognition

Arteco Face Recognition (AFR) delivers rapid, accurate and scalable face recognition capabilities to meet evolving security and safety needs. Its powerful algorithms address common challenges in analytics, such as lighting, pose, occlusions, motion, crowds and expression. Designed to be easily deployed and managed, AFR’s accuracy and reliability empowers video surveillance deployments across the globe including: Retail uses including identification of known shoplifters, pre-empting organized crime events, point-of-sale and exception monitoring, marketing strategy analysis, flow analysis and demographic of customers. Campus […]

Arteco Videowall

Arteco Videowall is designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of control room operators and security organizations. Arteco Videowall enhances situational awareness, optimizing every decision-making process and allowing users to better structure their business by streamlining costs and activities. Arteco Videowall is a feature of Arteco NEXT and Arteco Extreme software, and is optional for Arteco eMotion and Arteco Active, enabling operators to efficiently manage security systems and devices. Arteco Videowall provides a complete overview in a single visual interface, and […]

Arteco Security Connector

Arteco Security Connector (ASC) is an add-on product to Arteco NEXT VEMS that enables you to integrate and manage a wide variety of IP security systems, such as intrusion alarm panels, fire detection systems and devices running the Modbus protocol, on one centralized interface. ASC comes as a very intuitive tool, capable of converting events into standard protocols compliant with Arteco Open Connector and NEXT, allowing users to receive events and have remote control over groups of sensors and alarm […]

Arteco LPR Server

Arteco LPR Server is a software solution installable on a Windows-based server that is designed to enable license plate reading on standard IP cameras and to make traffic analysis, vehicle identification and automation of security and surveillance procedures easier. SCALABLE The Arteco LPR Server does not require the presence of specific LPR cameras, it is sufficient to provide good quality video streams,. Arteco LPR Server can also be configured to manage license plate lists and remotely trigger relays, facilitating the […]

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