Vertical Markets

Campus Security

Safeguarding campuses is a complex, multi-faceted process. The stringent requirements and security challenges of higher education and K-12 facilities demand solutions that allow users to gain insight that facilitates a quick response and more informed decision-making. Video event management solutions are designed to help stakeholders evaluate physical security risks in new ways by prioritizing resources around events of interest and leveraging open-platform integrations to gain further insight into the application’s security posture, becoming more proactive over time. THE ARTECO DIFFERENCE […]

Critical infrastructure

Video surveillance is a valuable tool leveraged by organizations worldwide to mitigate risk, enhance security and streamline operations. With the right technology, critical infrastructure organizations can be more aware and practice a proactive security posture to mitigate threats, concentrating efforts on achieving situational awareness and increasing real-time response to threats. Video event management software can broaden the wide impact surveillance has on critical infrastructure sites, today and into the future, helping stakeholders ensure critical operations are resilient and operational at all […]

Logistics & Supply chain

Driven by innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, supply chain and logistics providers seek new ways to lower risk, boost productivity and ensure safety. The evolving risk environment propels the development of stringent strategies to ensure robust protection, efficient response, and compliance. Video surveillance is now a standard solution within the supply chain; but users need platforms that can help gather intelligent data that enhances security efforts as well as ways to increase operations across the enterprise. That’s where Video Event Management Software comes […]

Retail & Loss prevention

Today’s retailers must address a number of needs to ensure customer satisfaction and maximize profits, while also protecting assets, employees and customers. Video surveillance is a valuable addition to any retail environment because it allows organizations to boost business intelligence, mitigate risk, streamline front-end training and provide stakeholders with a better picture of customer demographics, advanced asset tracking devices and marketing data. Video analytics, such as people-counting, heat mapping and traffic pattern analysis, adds greater value and increases ROI, expanding the use of […]

Safe City

 Download the Success Story Cities rely on video surveillance as a deterrent and an investigative tool, especially in areas with significant criminal activity. Use of video as a law enforcement tool has given first responders enhanced situational awareness and insight into potential risks. Federal grants and private funding sources make comprehensive video management systems a viable option for communities across the globe. Although video surveillance cannot take the place of police officers or first responders, it can serve as a force multiplier […]

Cannabis Industry

The legal cannabis industry requires intelligent video surveillance and security solutions to help secure inventory, ensure compliance oversight, reduce risks and maintain workplace protection. Video analytics are also critical as they automate monitoring and help users gain new levels of insight to mitigate threats. Facial recognition can be used to match against a list of approved workers. Integration with other systems and sensors, such as seed-to-sale and building automation software provides unparalleled operational effectiveness. THE ARTECO DIFFERENCE Arteco Video Event […]

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