LPR is the Arteco group of solutions for license plate reading that matches video surveillance for increasing the level of security and control of each installation while maintaining ease of use, sensible costs, and optimization of resources.

There are many areas LPR can be applied to: access control, crime prevention and control of territory, employee time/attendance monitoring, and many others. Depending on your needs and the kind of hardware you have installed, we developed a range of LPR solutions you can choose from:

LPR Server 2.0

LPR Server 2.0 is the new generation software solution installable on a Windows-based server that is designed to enable license plate reading on standard IP cameras and to make traffic analysis and vehicle identification easier through a newly designed and intuitive user interface.

LPR Server 2.0 does not need specific LPR cameras, it only requires a quality video stream and its state-of-the-art OCR engine does all the rest.

It has been developed to support H.264, H.265 video streams too, with the incredible advantage of hardware resources optimization, and for being run as a Windows service so as to automatically start the plate detection when starting the OS

LPR Server 2.0 can also be configured to manage up to 4 license plate lists per video channel and remotely trigger relays, so as to facilitate the automated management of gated communities, parking lots and more, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

LPR app for WisenetX cameras

LPR App is an application that can be installed on WISENET X Camera Series, allowing them to become license plate reading cameras. Through the combination of these leading technologies, organizations can gain new levels of insight through the automation of video monitoring processes to strengthen security, enhance loss and fraud reduction, optimize operations and boost awareness.

LPR App is flexible and easy to use. Its user-friendly installation speeds up setup and adjusting. It is completely integrated into OMNIA VMS and with Arteco Easy Traffic.

The application also has many integrated protocols, which allow it to make smart yet, powerful integration with third-party VMS, traffic monitoring solutions and more. This edge-based solution can be used as a stand-alone device capable of sending notifications and to controlling gates or barriers.

Camera Integration

LPR, combined with Arteco-certified cameras, is easy to configure and manage because it is completely integrated into the OMNIA software platform. The system has the ability to create and manage a database of license plates by matching LPR-detected plates against a plate in the database. OMNIA integrates the most valuable camera brands in the market (Hikvision, Milesight, Selea, TargaSystem, Tattile, Urmet and others) and guarantees a smooth experience in traffic and parking management, as well as access control operations.

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