Living estates are exclusive, gated residential areas characterised by security features, amenities, and opportunities for families that buy into this lifestyle believing that it is totally secure and crime-free.

Arguably the biggest appeal to estate life is the security on offer. Facilities like electric fences, camera surveillance, access-controlled entrances, and security guards, together with a high sense of community, provide a strong sense of security.

But is estate living really safer? Several large and seemingly highly secure estates experience burglary and robberies even when well equipped with the ultimate security technology.

What is really missing today is the situational awareness of security, deriving from the possibility of matching and combining into a single dashboard all the tools included in a security system. This is exactly what Arteco can provide:


Arteco is globally renown for its ability to integrate third parties solution and effectively manage them throug the software interface. OMNIA, the Arteco VMS, integrate the most popular brands of access control and building automation, besides providing custom made integrations to fit the security system you already use.

Some of the integrated brands


Arteco Videowall offers the possibility to share a wide range of information, including videos, maps, peripherals, web pages, integrated third-party systems and notifications. A range of complementary information, containing images, news feeds, information on the state of the systems and operating instructions, which can be instantly shared among the safety staff, allowing the operators of the control center to be able to devote themselves only to critical activities and proactively and jointly evaluate the actions to be taken.


OMNIA VCA, in the OMNIA interface framework, processes video, identifies objects in the video footage (people, vehicles, and other items), and indexes them so that footage can be easily and quickly browsed and analyzed for two different purposes:

  1. to conduct post-event investigation and forensics searches;
  2. to enhance security situational awareness in real-time.


OMNIA LPR is the Arteco group of solutions for license plate reading that matches video surveillance for increasing the level of security and control of each installation while maintaining ease of use, sensible costs, and optimization of resources. There are many areas OMNIA LPR can be applied to: access control, crime prevention and control of territory, employee time/attendance monitoring, and many others.



Through the OMNIA Video Management Software, Arteco offers a unique, intuitive, and friendly interface that focus on events to centralize all the security alarms. For estates, integrating multiple services within one platform provides many benefits. Not only does it allow for fast, effective responses to any security event, but it also enables operators to efficiently manage other estate operations from one platform, creating a streamlined, functional, and safe environment for residents, employees, and visitors.


OMNIA Hybrid Cloud is the best solution for residential estate. It is a cloud-managed solution that eases the management of devices and camera licenses through a web platform that requires one thing only, the internet connection. This means that users can access their VMS via any device connected to the internet and enjoy the smartest way to centralize their video solutions in the unique, versatile, and flexible interface of OMNIA Web.

It is also sold as a service, so that you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money. It costs a monthly fee that includes the system start-up, updates, support and periodic check-up provided by Arteco.

The Arteco solutions are designed to make security simple, reliable and right-priced. Do you want to know more? 



25 May 2022 · Category: Blog