Timeless Technologies was founded by Tinus Diedericks in 2000. The establishment of Timeless Technologies 22 years ago originates from the founding members and staff who have years of experience within the Consultation, Integration, Marketing and Professional Project Management arena. Timeless Technologies operates in Sub-Saharan Africa within several industry sectors by means of: Designing, Developing, Supply, Training, Repair and Support.

What has been the biggest key to success with your Rep Firm over the years?

We believe in doing business the right way: ethically, competitively and with a personal touch. We do this by holding fast to the importance of communication, trust and integrity – in our words and actions as well as those of our representatives.

The foundation of our company is built upon the relationships that we have established with our clients, suppliers and associates. Consistently good relationships are the core of any type of sustainable business. We always evaluate and seek new ways to build on our relationship skills with our stakeholders so that we can engage them and work together more efficiently.

What attracted you to partner with Arteco in your territory?

The synergy in business ethics and the key fundamental business practice between our companies.

We have also gained great knowledge of the product due to our friendship with Dean over the years. Arteco’s company structure, support and assistance and overall culture is a company that Timeless Technologies is proud to be aligned with.

What has surprised you about working with Arteco so far?

Arteco’s progress in the development of sound, solid, diligent products that fulfil customers’ needs.  Arteco products represent a valuable investment and will result in customer satisfaction.

Timeless Technologies | www.timetech.co.za/

Cape Town: +27 21 975 3515 | Pretoria: +27 12 807 5038



28 April 2022 · Categories: Blog, Partnership