Arteco Videowall

It increases the situational awareness of the operators, optimizing every decision-making process and allowing to better organize the activities, reducing costs.

Arteco Videowall is the solution designed to meet the most specific needs required in control rooms and by security organizations, which allows you to effectively manage all the systems and devices installed, optimizing the management and supervision of the systems and ensuring flexibility and responsiveness between different operational centers, also located in different places, as well as with external resources such as police, firefighters etc.

Total control

Arteco Videowall offers the possibility to share a wide range of information, including videos, maps, peripherals, web pages, integrated third-party systems and notifications. A range of complementary information, containing images, news feeds, information on the state of the systems and operating instructions, which can be instantly shared among the safety staff, allowing the operators of the control center to be able to devote themselves only to critical activities and proactively and jointly evaluate the actions to be taken.

  • View selection and Virtual Matrix – Both through the visualization in interface, and through the Virtual Matrix, an operator can customize the views
    and share them with the connected workstations, highlighting what is relevant.
  • Front Layout Control – With this function, the operator of a station “A” can control and display in the foreground a specific open window of a station “B”.
  • Full Screen Mode – This function allows an operator to highlight cameras, maps or integrated devices to recall the attention of all the
    connected stations.


Arteco Videowall does not require specific hardware and monitors, guaranteeing total freedom of choice based on the needs and budget. Arteco Videowall is a virtual matrix for displaying video streams and other contents, which offers unlimited flexibility to each Arteco VEMS and meets the most varied needs.

Being natively integrated in Arteco NEXT, it does not require investments in terms of training for professionals, who can easily share videos, highlight information and events with a few mouse clicks and simple drag and drop operations.

Arteco Videowall is an Arteco NEXT plug-in, included in Arteco Extreme and optional for Arteco eMotion and Active.

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