Arteco Videowall

Arteco Videowall is designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of control room operators and security organizations.
Arteco Videowall enhances situational awareness, optimizing every decision-making process and allowing users to better structure their business by streamlining costs and activities.
Arteco Videowall is a feature of Arteco NEXT and Arteco Extreme software, and is optional for Arteco eMotion and Arteco Active, enabling operators to efficiently manage security systems and devices.
Arteco Videowall provides a complete overview in a single visual interface, and users can easily share and customize layouts and their contents.

Total control

Arteco Videowall offers you access to a wide range of information, including videos, maps, peripherals, Web pages, integrated third-party systems and event notifications. Other specialized content, such as images, news feeds, system status information and operating instructions, can be instantly shared between multiple users, allowing them to focus only on critical activities and take joint and immediate action.


Arteco Videowall does not require specific hardware and monitors, giving you total freedom of choice depending on your needs and budget. Arteco Videowall is a virtual matrix for displaying video streams and other content, offering unlimited flexibility.

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