Omnia Face Factor is the ultimate Arteco solution for the detection and recognition of faces in a video stream in real-time. Developed to meet the ever-evolving needs of security, Omnia Face Factor is able to check faces against a specific database, notifies the user when matches are found and provides information on the biometrical data detected by the recognition algorithm.


Omnia Face Factor algorithm operates with speed and precision from detection to verification following this process:
• Extraction of person’s faces from an image (Face Detection)
• Localization of facial key points (Face Features Detection).
• Face image normalization, including image resize to the predefined resolution, head inclination elimination, face color correction (Face Normalization)
• Feature extraction and descriptor computation
• Comparisons of descriptors of different faces (Verification, Template Matching)

Omnia Face Factor is more than a facial recognition engine. Its analytic features allow also to identify many other parameters such as:
• Gender
• Age
• Hair
• Hair Color
• Facial Hair
• Glasses
• Headwear


Omnia Face Factor is seamlessly accessible and integrated with the user-friendly interface of Arteco software, which centralizes the management of whole security systems. The events provided by Omnia Face Factor are instantly delivered to the VMS and therefore linked with cameras and other devices. Operators will find it very easy to use! Nonetheless, the Forensic Search included on the OMNIA desktop client will make it even more powerful.

This approach to development makes Omnia Face Factor applicable to a broad range of markets.

RETAIL: uses including identification of known shoplifters, pre-empting organized crime events, point-of-sale and exception monitoring, marketing strategy analysis, flow analysis and demographic of customers;

CAMPUS SECURITY: efforts including traffic flow analysis, loitering and demographic make-up of students and personnel;

CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE: use cases include proactive crime monitoring, identifying undocumented individuals and intrusion detection;

LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN: organizations can leverage the application to identify crime events, identify suspected criminals and monitor for intrusion in remote locations;

SAFE CITY: use cases include terrorist watch list matching, crowd monitoring, traffic flow analysis and more.

22 July 2021 · Categories: Blog, Products, technologies and promotions