In the world of video surveillance is all about analytics: research and experimentation are now heading to reach the highest level of automation and increasing the production of intelligent cameras, while security personnel is not growing the same rate – resulting in a range of 25 to 50 cameras monitored by one person.

Ease of use, awareness and precision, then, are fundamental characteristics to safeguard security, and this is video analytics come in to help. But, in a market is full of manufacturers that are shouting you miraculous solutions, which are real and effective?

Virtual line crossing detection – An object crossing a designated virtual line can be detected. The direction of an object crossing the virtual line can also be specified.

Motion detection – Movement can be detected within the entire scene or in a designated virtual area that can be defined.

Object left behind detection – An object appearing in a designated virtual area and remaining there for longer than a preset time can be detected and reported.

Object removed detection – An object disappearing from a designated virtual area and remaining gone for longer than a preset time can be detected and reported.

Tamper detection – Detects sudden changes that may affect the normal monitoring of a camera.

Face detection – Identifies human faces by identifying key features of a human face

Business intelligence – Analytics such as people counting and heat mapping can be used to analyse customer behavior and improve your customer experience.

You can find all of these solutions in one Arteco product: Analytics Extreme. It is the integrated video analytic solution developed by Arteco to support the human operators monitoring the environment so as to guarantee the safety of the citizens.

Arteco intelligent video analysis is based on a powerful engine which uses advanced algorithms of Intelligence and Artificial Vision to drastically reduce the number of false alarms, by making the solutions robust with respect to the illumination changes and to the presence of shadows and reflections.

Arteco Analytics Extreme is available in different versions, depending on the customer needs.

  • The server-based solution can simultaneously process several streams with the possibility to have several video analytic modules activated simultaneously on the same machine, as well as to process the video streams at higher resolutions and frame rates.
  • The camera edge solution is installable as application on board of particular models of cameras (Axis, Hikvision, Wisenet Samsung).

Arteco can give you the keys for more efficient and intelligent security solutions: click HERE to learn more.

29 July 2019 · Categories: Blog, Products, technologies and promotions