More and more construction companies today are protecting sites with security systems that go far beyond the prevention of theft and vandalism. Indeed, cameras are often used to improve quality and smooth the management of the whole project.

Selecting the right cameras and surveillance systems is not easy, because every project differs from place to place, but let’s see some hints you have to consider for an effective solution.

Durability and resistance

Water, sand, dust, electricity and even explosions: these are just some of the risks that can damage cameras and infrastructures. Hardware and wiring need to be rugged and sturdy, then, to resist the environmental stress.


Constructions sites are temporary by definition. Make sure you choose systems than can be rapidly installed and easily removed to be used for the next sites.

HD quality

Video quality is fundamental to avoid risks and analyse the work process step by step. While a good night vision camera can prevent thefts, that usually happen at night, when workers leave the site.


When you are on site you need to keep it simple. Choosing the best NVR is crucial: installation must be fast and intuitive and Arteco can help you with a range of hardware solutions that will surely meet your needs of efficiency and usability.

ARTECO 3000   |   ARTECO 5000   |   ARTECO 7000

Management Software

Then, you have to pick your Video Management Software. Once more performance and ease of use are key factors to consider. Arteco VMS comes in three different formulas for professional use, all of them are scalable and upgradable to increase the size of your security system and include plug-ins to make it more efficient.



Finally, take in account the potential for integration of your system. You may need to install a range of devises – from horns to alarms, from access control to fire detection – and the only way to manage all of them correctly, also saving money and time, is having a software that can integrate third party devices in one interface. Arteco NEXT, through Arteco Open Connector integration platform, helps you keeping it efficient and safe, giving you a complete dashboard for a whore view over your site.


1 August 2019 · Category: Blog
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