XtraVision, a global distributor of Arteco and SAMM FOTAS DAS fibre intrusion detection technology in the South African, African, and South American regions, has recently concluded the integration between OMNIA and the FOTAS, a sensor solution developed for the detection of acoustic anomalies, using Arteco Open Connector.

Arteco’s mission has always been supporting interoperability between systems, devices, and different types of applications more intuitive and easy. From video security, access control, intrusion, and fire detection, to building automation, traffic control, parking management and beyond, this focus has opened new and interesting opportunities in a wide range of industries and fields.  Arteco Open Connector is the tangible result of Arteco’s openness: it gives partners the ability to integrate systems and devices with OMNIA in total freedom and allows them to customize every aspect of the interface, adapting it to every kind of installation and placing the needs of the end customer in focus.

FOTAS is a fiber optic-based distributed acoustic sensor developed by SAMM Technology. FOTAS is a sensor solution developed for the detection of acoustic anomalies in all areas where fiber optic cable infrastructure is located. With this product, it is possible to detect unwanted movements and threats in many different areas such as pipelines, campuses and facilities, factories, and borders.

XtraVision’s Solution

There was a need in many of the projects in the different regions for the integration via Arteco Open Connector of the two products. This process was quick since the two international companies are large, professional and well-established companies, both with in-house R&D departments.

The benefits of the integrations are as follows:

• Integration takes place via Internet Protocol communication network.

• All alarms generated can be displayed on either product in a graphical user interface.

• All camera on site can be used to support visual verification of alarms on DAS fibre detection routes with a resolution of around 5 metres of human activity.

• Cameras can be called to a GPS location or pre-shot.

• Arteco can now point any event generated via Open Connector with live and recorded video and can trigger an output per zone on its anywhere IO device.

• All events can now be recorded on both systems.

• The SAMM FOTAS display and maps can be pulled through to the Arteco system as a video stream.

This integration allows both systems to run independently, however, the information is shared and displayed on either platform. “We feel that this is a great integration which satisfies requests by both system integrators and end users alike,” says Nick Grange, director of XtraVision. “We feel confident that integration opens a large amount of perimeter protection projects in the industry.”


23 January 2023 · Categories: Blog, Case studies, Products, technologies and promotions