Having a better understanding of how a security system works is a huge benefit to both installers and users of the system. In fact, the collection, analysis and presentation of data can turn into thoughtful and effective business initiatives.

The benefits of business intelligence for security

The understanding of company’s operations is vital for their improvement. Weak points need to be highlighted and inefficiencies addressed by the management chain, making the right changes to the organization. This process is easier when supported by the data collected by Business Intelligence software, which allow for the outline of forward-looking and effective management plans.

Arteco has developed Insight precisely with the aim of classifying and processing data collected from the system to produce intuitive and easy-to-interpret diagrams on the functioning of the security system. It is an effective tool for managers and maintenance staff to better understand the status of the integrated devices and to analyze how operators work.

Insight is a highly scalable solution as it is entirely cloud-based, accessible via browser and from a direct link in the OMNIA Web platform. This means you can manage hundreds of Arteco systems, without limits to the number of connected operators.

Insight can help installers in the following fields:

  • System diagnostics
  • Device Report
  • Operation Ranking
  • Customer Retention


In this category of analysis, it is possible to evaluate the number and duration of diagnostic events (disconnected cable, offline server, memory disk full, missing license, etc.) in a given period of time, select the server and the type of event.


It includes a whole set of search tools for analyzing all the events sent to the VMS from the integrated devices. It is very useful for understanding device activation trends in a given area, understanding how they vary over time and detecting fluctuations or peaks.


This analysis tool allows you to understand how the events received by the VMS are managed, who takes charge of them and which ones are resolved. It is an effective way to analyze the workload of security officers and to make alarm management more efficient.


Security companies are realizing that having a consistently clear picture of the situation helps them streamline their operations while providing robust, quality service to their customers.

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10 January 2023 · Category: Blog