Omnia VCA 2.0 is ready for delivery!

New features

Event Re-trigger
The Event Re-trigger Time is a tool  that allows you to specify a period of time in which an established rule no longer generates events if triggered by the same object detected in the scene.

Pixel display
A new note has been added to display the number of pixels in the bounding box of the identified object.

ONVIF Profile S supported
The integration of ONVIF parameters will allow access to our RTSP streams and ONVIF events from ONVIF Profile S compatible clients.

Calibration of DLOT and DLPT trackers
Calibration allows our trackers to generate metadata about objects found in the field (e.g. height and speed). This was already available for the Object Tracker and has now been extended to all trackers including DLOT and DLPT.

Multilingual interface
Italian, Spanish and Turkish now join the package of languages supported by the software.


Here are some of the most relevant bugfixes published in the new version.

• Fixed the intermittent bug of auto-recovery of blocked RTSP channels.

• Fixed the bug that caused video reception of low definition (low bitrate) video streams from OMNIA VCA.

• Re-established the possibility to disable the calibration in cases where the ObjectFilter rule has been activated on the channel.

For more information on the OMNIA VCA update, contact your sales representative and write an email to 

21 December 2022 · Categories: Blog, Products, technologies and promotions