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Smart Building Solutions was founded by Gary Rodgers in August 2020 to align core manufacturer partners to address the challenges in today’s complex building infrastructures. Quality, innovation, and integrity are the fundamental values of the company, that teams with the best in class producers to promote safety, integration, ease of use, and affordability.

The company currently represents Arteco in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, North Virginia, Delaware, and New York State (except NYC).

What has been the biggest key to success with your Rep Firm over the years?

The story of Smart Building Solutions is a story of resilience. I founded the company in aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic, after being furloughed from a national distribution company in the US. I have been in the low voltage and security industry for 40 years based in Pittsburgh, PA after moving from the UK in 1981. I have worked extensively with distribution, integrators and consultants and have leaned on my knowledge of the ICT industry having achieved the RCDD designation in 1996.

What attracted you to partner with Arteco in your territory?

I was impressed by the structure of the company and the support and assistance have been great! The ability to bring building automation solutions is a key differentiator. When I started my company I was looking at the technologies that can drive a modern intelligent building. Arteco is a fundamental solution is the key phrase that is the epitome of Smart Building Solutions: “Connecting Intelligence at the Core”.

What has surprised you about working with Arteco so far?

I like the lead generation tools that Arteco can bring to support the dealer and distribution customer base. This is a key benefit to growing business with our partners.

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24 May 2021 · Categories: Blog, Partnership