Customers Talk, We Listen

29 February 2016 · Categories: Blog, Products, technologies and promotions

Our customers challenged us to provide a video event management system (VEMS) that offers users an even more robust interface on which to see and interact with real-time events. It must be intuitive, easy-to-use and operate, and integrate with other security functions for efficient event and notification management.

Challenge accepted and accomplished!

We are proud to introduce Open Connector, the new feature that allows VEMS to surpass our customers’ needs while leveraging and centralizing events from many different types of devices. Integrating video security, access control, intrusion, fire detection, even building automation, traffic control and parking management, Open Connector gives each one a universal language on an intuitive, single platform. Our goal was to create a platform to ensure that a triggered alarm actually meant something in question is happening in real time. Open Connector empowers the end user to be able to verify events that are taking place and respond immediately.

When it comes to efficient security, it’s all about the event – knowing exactly what is going on as the scene unfolds. Open Connector empowers end users, making them part of the event by enabling them to see exactly what is taking place from many different perspectives. For example, imagine the power of utilizing video surveillance to actually see someone not only enter a facility but actually follow their steps throughout via strategically placed video cameras. Taking that a step further, integrate parking management to control the ebb and flow of people coming and going, and this creates a powerful security tool for people management and in essence, facility security. Open Connector also integrates with a variety of product lines and we are very proud to partner with some truly innovative brands that embody the concept of interoperability. This permits endless combinations when creating an overall security plan, giving the customer the ability to ensure total situational awareness.

From our perspective, a large amount of the collected data is not useful for security operations as video cameras are there to capture everything that takes place through the lens. Remember that efficient security is focused on that one event, so with hours and hours of recorded data just sitting around, it could literally take days, sometimes months, to sift through it; therefore, if an incident does take place somewhere within the recorded data, in some cases, it’s almost too late to actually do anything to remedy it.

The world of electronic security is standardizing everywhere you look, and Open Connector offers a new standard for easy, open integration and new ways to facilitate interoperability of many different types of sensors and subsystems.

Open Connector “opens” the security market’s eyes to endless potential of empowering security dealers and consultants to create a customized security solution for situational awareness based specifically on end users’ security needs.

We challenge you to “SEEtheDIFFERENCE.” Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to learn more about Open Connector.

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