Expansions Modules

Increase the potential of axis control

I/O CAN Module I/O Bus Module Distributed I/O Module
ethernet remote I/O  
I/O EXP PLC Module Ethernet Remote I/O Module  

The Arteco expansion modules allow an increased number of inputs and outputs and a greater number of controlled axis. The CANOpen type expansions are compatible with other Arteco branded devices and those of other manufacturers.

Expansions for distributed and remote axis control

  • I/O CAN Module: easy to connect, used for remote I/O and cable savings.
  • I/O Proprietary parallel Bus Module: to expand the I/O configuration of the SU210 and CND51 units.
  • I/O RS485 Serial Module: distributed I/O for industrial use, it interfaces the RS232 port and generates a RS422 bus.  Available VB (Visual Basic) and VC++ DLL,  Available also RS232 / Rs422 command set without need of  DLL
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