OMNIA is much more than a VMS. It is like a security galaxy that comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and a whole set of plug-ins to focus on what really matters.

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The first one to be presented is OMNIA VCA, the video analysis suite that brings the Extreme VMS license to the most advanced level of intelligence. It automatically pulls meaningful and relevant information from video streams to detect people, objects and their surroundings, while continuously analyzing them, their movements and behavior.

Based on pattern analysis and machine intelligence, OMNIA VCA algorithms can improve the efficiency of security systems, reduce costs of management and decrease risk margins with the prospect of further developments on the horizon. The OMNIA VCA suite is a stand-alone application that must be installed on a dedicated workstation with Windows-based OS, or on a Virtual Machine running in a Windows environment.


OMNIA VCA, in the OMNIA interface framework, processes video, identifies objects in the video footage (people, vehicles, and other items), and indexes them so that footage can be easily and quickly browsed and analyzed for different purposes:

1) to conduct post-event investigation and forensics searches
2) to enhance security situational awareness in real-time.

Omnia VCA is equipped with two Deep Learning engines, one that performs the object detection (DL Object tracker) while the other performs exclusively the people detection function (DL People tracker).

The DL Object Tracker allows the automatic classification of the following objects in the scene:

• People • Cyclist • Car • Bus • Van • Truck • Motorcycle • Bicycle • Bag

The DL People Tracker allows the automatic classification of people present in the scene, therefore it is particularly suitable in the following cases:

• Presence detection • People Counting

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14 June 2021 · Categories: Blog, Products, technologies and promotions