No matter what level of the cannabis supply-chain you are filling, investment in video security is not only vital to the safety of the operation but plays a key role in applying for and maintaining a state license.

Arteco is at the forefront of technology development and is currently being used to allow operators to extend this security investment into operational effectiveness to realize more practical business optimization with integration into other security platforms.

Security Technology in Canna

Arteco VMS allows intrusion, fire, access control and video to be managed by one software application to give you video verification on your overall security environment. This information is tagged and cataloged with time/date-stamping for future reference when and if it is required. Real-time events like after-hour access to the site, people loitering in or around the facility, are being sent to operators as push notifications on their phone where a video of the event can be accessed on-demand. Video analytics are affordable and effective to focus the user’s attention on the most important details of the operation including who is entering the facility. This can be done through a combination of object detection, license plate recognition, face recognition and access control.

Extending your Video Security Investment

For additional safety to employees and an active deterrent against theft, facilities can utilize Arteco video monitoring centers for live video monitoring with “talk-down” audio for proactive protection. These services work with the existing security platform so no additional product purchase is required. For a monthly fee that depends on factors such as total daily monitoring time (i.e., 8 am-8 pm), the number of live call-downs per day to notify that the facility is under active surveillance, and employee open/close procedure, operators can even outsource their security detail to trained professionals that actively monitor alarms from their video analytics-based system.

Track and Trace

Maintaining proof of chain of custody is vital to protecting the legal cannabis supply as it moves from cultivation to eventual sale in the designated adult-use or medical program. Savvy operators have learned that Arteco can “integrate” their seed-to-sale software applications too. By doing this, every time a plant tag is scanned, the data pulled from the plant tag into the seed-to-sale software is also sent to the video management software which tags this metadata with video from the corresponding camera viewing the scene. This metadata then becomes searchable reference points in the video archive.

Environmental Sensors

Video security can also play a key role in helping operators monitor these important environmental sensors. Similar to centralizing events from seed-to-sale software, exceptions from the environmental sensor platforms can be sent to the Arteco video management software when specific thresholds are exceeded. This integration can range from low voltage interchange such as a dry contract output to an input- triggered event or through more sophisticated software integration through a CGI interface over a TCP/IP network. Practical uses for integration between environment sensors into video security include triggering PTZ cameras to move to presets when sensor events occur. By doing this, operators can extend their investment in video security from a cost center to a potential operation saving application in the rare case where crops are damaged or lost due to equipment malfunction that would be detected by the environmental sensor. This tie to video security can also play a crucial role in assisting insurance claims when a product or property suffers damage.

15 January 2021 · Category: Blog