Today, more than ever, organizations need to manage risk and security efficiently. When you have to face the unpredictable, you need to be able to count on a technological partner that relieves you of part of the work, automates the responses to alarms and helps you quickly understand risky situations.

Arteco Video Management Software is designed for this specific reason to help you gain the most relevant video and security information at any given time. The focus is on identifying critical events and areas of interest, rather than sifting through hours of non-critical video footage.

The VEMS interface unifies alarms and notifications from multiple devices and systems into a single, intuitive interface. Thanks to its high ability to concentrate information and integrate third-party devices, Arteco allows you to monitor and verify events simultaneously, rationalizing the efforts and expenses necessary for safety in the field.


Arteco’s open platform eases integration of third-party solutions, as it complies with a wide range of global security standards. Meanwhile, Arteco Open Connector integration platform provides deeper integration options giving the partners the ability to integrate systems in total freedom and allowing them to customize every aspect of the interface, adapting it to every kind of installation and placing the needs of the end customer in focus.

Arteco LPR is one of the cases that shows how integration between different devices is becoming increasingly necessary in the security world. Arteco LPR combines license plate reading with video surveillance, increasing the level of security and control of each installation while maintaining ease of use, sensible costs, and optimization of resources.

Arteco LPR, combined with Arteco-certified cameras, is easy to configure and manage, because it is completely integrated into the Arteco NEXT software platform. The system has the ability to create and manage a database of license plates by matching LPR-detected plates against a plate in the database. When a plate is recognized, the system generates and manages event notifications, allowing for access control operations (like opening/closing a barrier) or sending specific reports (SMS, mail, audio). Finally, Arteco LPR integrates seamlessly also with third-party traffic monitoring systems to increase the value and performance of each installation.

Increasing the value of security systems is a core value of Arteco’s technological research, as Arteco VCA exemplifies. Arteco VCA is the video analysis server that brings Arteco VMS license to the most advanced level of intelligence: it allows automatic recognition of people, objects and vehicles; motion detection and the application of filters and zones directly on video streaming in real-time.

Thanks to the application of Arteco VCA analysis algorithms, users can get incredible advantages in terms of efficiency, reducing costs and risk margins due to surveillance entrusted exclusively to the management of security personnel.

The detection of moving subjects generates metadata that appears in real-time in video streaming (type and name of the event; bounding box; classification, speed, size and color of the object; etc.), making it applicable to an incredibly wide range of fields, including security, smart city management and retail.


When you use Arteco solutions you can immediately perceive how its all-in-one approach to security can that improve the efficiency of your business. You can count on the ultimate technological enhancements and the most valued pre- and post-sale support in the market.

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26 October 2020 · Category: Blog