As every year, SIA, the Security Industry Association, has published a new issue of the Security Megatrends. Due to the incredibly fast pace the interconnection of systems is permeating the market, Arteco and all the members of the security sector are facing year of exciting changes, in which we will be committed to respond to the people’s needs of security, speed, comfort and inter-functionality.

These are some of the most relevant trends that are affecting our work:

Artificial Intelligence

In security, it’s affecting every part of the market—and over 79 percent of security technology developers and manufacturers at SNG 2019 said that some to all of their product development road maps are tied to AI. On the immediate timeline, AI is working on problems of facial recognition and biometrics and promises to allow video surveillance systems to rely less on human monitoring.

Facial Recognition

At a technology level, facial recognition has moved from being limited to narrow applications door access and is now becoming a common offering on more general-purpose security cameras at a variety of price points.


The cloud and software-based solutions continue to bring a host of new managed services to systems integrators and new opportunities in access control, video surveillance and integrated system solutions. Security concerns have somewhat tempered, but users remain wary of the overall integrity of their data at on-premises and offsite servers.


Today, the connectivity of every component means more nuanced features and controls and more opportunity to generate data that can lead to insights, situational awareness and ultimately autonomous actions through the use of AI.

Source: SIA’s 2020 Security Megatrends

10 January 2020 · Category: Blog