Top 6 Reasons to Visit Arteco at ISC West 2018

27 February 2018
Category: Blog

The countdown to ISC West has begun and we’re looking forward to visiting with you and engaging with industry partners and colleagues during the conference.

It’s clear that the future of the industry will be built on four key ideas: convergence, connectivity, communications and compatibility. We’re seeing IT companies exhibit alongside physical security providers, integrated partner pavilions and Big Data partnerships, as well as the cooperation between security and marketing within an enterprise. These initiatives point to the fact that the industry is becoming more and more integrated, customers are aligning within their organizations and ease of communication between third-party devices is more of a reality.

Stop by our booth (#25103) at the show to discuss these trends in more detail and see how our solutions can help your organization gain a more proactive approach to safety, align with other departments internally and ease integration to streamline operations. Need more reasons to visit us at ISC? Well, here they are:

  1. Big Data:In today’s evolving business environment, organizations must be able to quickly and easily identify risk. This process can be achieved via data- and analytic-driven results. Video event management software solutions extract actionable data from video surveillance while making applications such as access control, intrusion detection, building automation, traffic control and parking management more intuitive and easier to use. And guess what? This concept is the exact definition of Big Data analysis.
  2. Recognition:Today’s market is crowded, competitive and noisy. The continued globalization of business and the ever-growing number of overseas competitors has driven competition up to the highest levels we’ve seen in years. Now, every company has to put its best effort forward to be innovative and deliver value to its customers. Since 1989, Arteco has focused on the video and security markets, and we’ve proven our longevity and market value. Customers can expect us to be a trusted partner for many years to come.
  3. Protection:To combat the changing risk landscape, operators need to be empowered to leverage video that focuses on the details of an event to quickly identify security threats, enabling intelligent and informed security response. There are too many risks, both cyber and physical, that need to be addressed and as a manufacturer, it is our duty to help our customers be more protected and proactive. The future of user-friendly, cost-effective security lies in solutions that can deliver the event-driven intelligence needed to mitigate today’s most prevalent threats head-on.
  4. Intelligence:The demand for more intelligent data and more rapid access to this data is what is driving interest in emerging technologies such as video analytics and biometrics. The drive to help identify the “event” that is most critical to our customers is excatly what Arteco is built upon. Stakeholders are empowered to evaluate security risks and business challenges in new ways by prioritizing resources around events of interest and leveraging open-platform integrations to gain new levels of intelligence that drive safe, secure operations.
  5. Analytics: At Arteco, we believe in the value of video analytics and we are especially bullish on face recognition. And it all goes back to the idea that we as a technology innovator have to find new ways to deliver solutions that help customers find the more important data at the time they need it. Arteco Face Recognition is made possible through deep learning and 3D technology. It has the ability to manage millions of templates, making it scalable to fit a wide range of analytic requirements. Its powerful algorithms also address many frequent challenges users once faced when deploying analytics, such as subject pose, expression, environmental lighting and partial facial occlusions. Visit our booth to see it in action.
  6. Integration:Over the course of the last year, we’ve been busy integrating the best of Arteco products with the newest technology to provide our customers with an innovative security solution that is right for them. Through our work with Suprema, Bosch and Hanwha, Arteco’s Video Event Management Software (VEMS) leverages advanced technologies to improve functionality and enhance flexibility for our customer base.

There is a puzzle to solve out of the bolded words above. Those who solve it will receive an invitation to our ISC West Happy Hour! Click here to submit your answer.

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