Arteco Academy Updates Strengthen VEMS Training Courses

25 January 2018
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Deploying a new software or technology solution is often an exciting time for an end user, as many new possibilities and advantages are brought to the company. But this process can also become complicated, as there’s almost always a learning curve involved with adapting to unfamiliar techniques and equipment.

The most critical piece of a seamless transition to any type of new procedure is cohesive and straightforward training. It’s important that all users are on the same page when it comes to learning about the product to avoid any confusion or mishaps down the road. This can be achieved through a uniform training structure that educates, answers questions and provides flexibility.

Arteco’s newly advanced training options as part of the Arteco Academy offer the robust education needed to ensure success and exceed customer expectations. The programs, broken down into two tiers, include online and classroom modules designed to enhance learning objectives as end users discover in-depth how to use and reap the benefits of Arteco’s software.

The first tier of the Arteco Academy, Tech I, provides integrators and customers with access to base-level training that introduces Arteco NEXT video event management software (VEMS), including its main features and how-to explanations. The online instruction also describes installing and configuring the software suite, allowing users to manage cameras, video recordings and more. A 20-question certification exam at the end of the course must be passed with at least an 80 percent to be eligible for Tech II.

Tech II takes place in a classroom setting, as an all day hands-on training event featuring a complimentary lunch break. Through a personal laptop, each attendee will receive a deeper lesson on the Arteco VEMS suite, highlighting capabilities such as administrating systems, video analytics and troubleshooting. There will also be an exam at the end of the class, requiring an 80 percent to receive the Arteco Certified Professional recognition.

These rich enhancements to the Arteco Academy were developed by highly skilled trainers eager to share their knowledge and expertise with customers. Arteco understands that a thorough and intricate training program presented in an easily comprehendible format is necessary for the ultimate mastery of a video technology solution.

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