Video event management solutions deliver advanced capabilities to campus, retail, critical infrastructure, logistics and smart city

St. Louis, Mo., March 29, 2017Arteco, a global leader in the delivery of video event management solutions, will unveil advancements to its video event management portfolio at the upcoming ISC West conference.

The Arteco video surveillance solutions portfolio delivers a wide variety of functionalities that help stakeholders gain new levels of awareness within their security and business infrastructures. The company has expanded its focus to provide customized systems that fit the requirements of specific vertical applications, such as retail, logistics, Smart City, critical infrastructure and campus. Enhancements include advanced storage options, bandwidth reduction for live and recorded video, support for ONVIF Audio Out, POS and marketing platforms.

Arteco Point-of-Sale Integration
With the ability to integrate POS into the Arteco VEMS platform, retailers can improve the investigation of suspicious register transactions. To quickly identify fraudulent transactions, operators can search the transaction history by querying predefined criteria and view the video tied to these events. The integration of video and transaction data enables retailers to be more proactive with loss prevention and theft reduction.

Arteco Marketing Platform
A unique and innovative web-based tool, the Arteco Marketing Platform provides users in retail stores, restaurants, hotels and more with increased insight into transaction history, buying trends and conversion rates. The solution supports intelligence gathering from a single location to hundreds of stores, providing a comprehensive view of marketing efforts across an organization’s infrastructure. People counting, heat mapping, biometrics and other advanced video analytics help users identify key data points, manage resources and optimize marketing campaigns to increase revenue.

Auxillary Storage
Customers can now create a backup video archive to protect valuable video data and ensure ongoing resiliency. The Arteco auxiliary archive allows continued access to recorded video, even if the main server is offline. Users can also backup recorded video on a local network or cloud-based storage for further redundancy.

Substream Live and Recording
Substream Live reduces impact on CPUs when viewing a large number of camera feeds. With this feature, stakeholders view high-quality live video within Arteco VEMS even when bandwidth is low. Furthermore, operators can watch more camera views simultaneously. When recording, Substream allows organizations to store high quantities of recorded video, reducing impact on the network.

ONVIF Audio Out
Organizations can increase proactive risk mitigation while enhancing situational awareness through Arteco’s support for ONVIF Audio Out. Operators within a central command center can communicate with security personnel, employees or visitors at another location via two-way audio communication.

Arteco LPR Server
Arteco delivers greater freedom of choice with its LPR Server, which allows organizations to use standard IP cameras instead of dedicated License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras. Identifying critical video is streamlined with detailed layouts and maps, as well as metadata of the plate in each event.

“Arteco continues to enhance to its products to enable end users to gain the most important information from its video data,” said Steve Birkmeier, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Arteco. “We are dedicated to helping organizations deploy solutions that fit their unique environments. These products are also designed to address the real-world challenges that organizations face on a daily basis.”

Companies across the globe gain significant benefits from Arteco video event management solutions. Customers including USS Iowa, Campbell University and Lexus report streamlined integration, shortened tactical response times and stronger operational efficiencies. To learn how Arteco can help elevate your security program, schedule a meeting with us at ISC West (booth 4097).

About Arteco

Founded in 1987, Arteco is a global provider of event-driven intelligence solutions based in Faenza, Italy, with U.S. operations in St. Louis, Mo. With a focus on ease of use and event management, Arteco’s research and development initiatives have united world-class, state-of-the-art video analytics and video management onto a single-platform to optimize processes and reduce costs. Arteco provides a wide range of software and network hardware solutions that integrate with third-party systems such as video surveillance, video management and access control. Arteco products are available through certified integrator partners around the world. For more information about Arteco’s Video Event Management Software (VEMS) solutions, please visit and follow on social media channels: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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