Addition of Arteco Videowall Solution Enhances Video Monitoring and Control Room Operations

2 November 2017
Category: Blog

Control room operators within security organizations are tasked with a difficult job: take in a large amount of sporadic, unorganized data and determine and separate the most critical points. With information coming in constantly from a wide variety of devices and systems, this can become overwhelming and tough to manage.

Arteco Videowall is designed to make this job more efficient and allow organizations to achieve enhanced situational awareness through their video monitoring applications. Arteco Videowall provides a complete and comprehensive overview to operators, facilitating the seamless management of security systems.

Access to videos, maps, peripherals, Web pages, integrated third-party systems and event notifications is combined into a single visual interface, delivering a rich and informative experience. Additionally, complementary information such as images, news feeds, system status information and operating instructions can be instantly shared between multiple users, enabling a clear focus on critical activities and facilitating joint and immediate action.

The flexibility of Arteco Videowall gives users plenty of freedom; it does not require specific hardware and monitors, and can be used across multiple centers located in different places. Video and other relevant content can be shared with just a few clicks through simple drag and drop operations, further optimizing decision-making.

Arteco Videowall supports different types of Security Operations Centers, ranging from a single-operator station to enterprise-level facilities. It can also be used in coordination with law enforcement organizations, such as a police or fire department, to ensure quick and informed responses should an emergency occur.

Arteco Videowall is a feature of the Arteco NEXT and Arteco Extreme software, and is an option for Arteco eMotion and Arteco Active. Its natural design into Arteco NEXT eliminates the need for an investment in training for personnel.

Organizations will continue to look for specific and vital events within an influx of data to guarantee exhaustive overall security. Arteco Videowall extrapolates crucial pieces while improving multi-agency collaboration, ultimately leading to streamlined costs and activities.


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