Video event management software (VEMS) and data analytics are quickly becoming the most crucial tools for video security systems to achieve a higher level of situational awareness than previously thought possible. These software solutions are saving lives and facilitating security operations every day while giving users more insight to ensure safety is maximized.

We’ve compiled some of the most important components and benefits of VEMS capabilities to encourage a shift in consideration from the quantity to the quality of collected surveillance data.

Data analysis is less time-consuming and less cost-prohibitive.
With the ability to search and retrieve data in seconds, all relevant data that is needed for analysis is immediately at the disposal of the system’s user. This saves time once focused on searching through useless data to locate the relevant video footage needed for real-time threat management or investigations. It is more cost-effective for organizations to identify valuable information through a quick process of elimination, making it less costly to train and keep security teams on a budget-friendly schedule. In sum, the quicker the security team can access relevant data, the quicker the analysis process can take place.

The ability to detect, investigate and respond quickly to advanced-level threats is possible with event-driven intelligence.
Decision-making processes can become clouded or hindered in the face of an imminent high-level threat, and if a security team’s alarm management, video surveillance, access control and analytics systems are all disconnected from each other, it can promote a slower or sometimes ineffective tactical response. Because event-driven intelligence ties together all third-party alarms and security platforms, threats can be isolated, targeted de-escalated and investigated quickly with less time wasted.

Event-driven intelligence promotes and supports interoperability.
Countless vital security platforms and technologies are required for an operations center to function, so strategic partnerships are the key to success of event-driven intelligence. Interoperability should be based in intuitive, simple and easy-to-use technology that allows multiple systems to work together for a higher level of security than can be achieved alone, and strengthening these partnerships is the key to further innovation, development and overall safety.

“What light is light, if Sylvia be not seen?” – Valentine, The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Though this famous Shakespearean line may not seem like it has much to do with this industry, we encourage you to explore our video security variation: “What intelligence is intelligence, if Sylvia be not seen?”

This concept is the core tenet of event driven-intelligence, as it stresses and reflects the search for the most pertinent incident information while accepting permission to allow irrelevant data to fall away. Through pioneering software solutions like VEMS and analytics, event-driven intelligence is generating new benefits and thought leadership in security practices and making threat assessment more efficient and cost-effective from top to bottom.

11 February 2016 · Category: Blog