Critical infrastructure

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Video surveillance is a valuable tool leveraged by organizations worldwide to mitigate risk, enhance security and streamline operations.

With the right technology, critical infrastructure organizations can be more aware and practice a proactive security posture to mitigate threats, concentrating efforts on achieving situational awareness and increasing real-time response to threats. Video event management software can broaden the wide impact surveillance has on critical infrastructure sites, today and into the future, helping stakeholders ensure critical operations are resilient and operational at all times.


Arteco Video Event Management Software (VEMS) is designed to help organizations gain the most relevant video and security information at any given time. The focus is on identifying critical events and areas of interest, rather than sifting through hours of non-critical video footage. Security teams can ‘see the difference’ to help ensure the protection of employees, data and infrastructure.


The VEMS interface unifies alarms and notifications from multiple devices and systems into a single, intuitive interface. The platform is also customizable to each customer’s needs.


Its open platform eases integration of third-party solutions. Arteco complies with a wide range of global security standards. Arteco Open Connector provides deeper integration options, allowing companies to build a best-in-class security solution, regardless of manufacturer.


Arteco solutions require fewer installation and training hours, aiding in cost-efficiency for organizations that must meet strict budgetary requirements. Over time, stakeholders see a reduction in total cost of ownership and increased ROI by choosing to invest in a solution that enhances intelligence, management and flexibility.

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  • Easily expandable and scalable
  • Simple integration of third-party devices and systems such as video analytics, access control, industrial automation, fire detection, perimeter and intrusion detection solutions
  • Built-in video analytics
  • Bidirectional audio support
  • Advance storage and redundancy management
  • One-time license charge and no recurring license fees
  • Two years of feature updates included
  • Free onsite training opportunities
  • Complimentary 24/7 Web and phone support
  • Operators can customize interface to meet specific needs

Arteco VEMS software helps safeguard one of the nation’s naval treasures

Affectionately known as the “Battleship of Presidents” for having played host to more U.S. presidents than any other battleship, the USS Iowa is one of the most storied vessels in the history of the Navy.

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3.4 Million Electric/Gas Customers in Illinois and Missouri. 86,000 Miles of Electric Distribution and transmission. Service Area Covers 64,000 Square Miles. Monitored 24-7 by three stations, Uses 3rd party guard company, 90% accuracy rating on Analytics, 100% alert rate to trespassing.

pdf_icon Download the Success Story

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