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ACT Power

Founded in 2009, ACT POWER is formed by experienced engineers and creative marketing planner who have been exposed to the industrial PC sector for many years.Given its specialization in the customized design, production service, heart touched sales connection and unique marketing ideas in industry, ACT POWER now entered a new intelligent meeting room and class room area with solid IPC foundations.

ACT POWER is continue in OEM/ODM services tailoring products to customers’ requirements. Our products range covers single board computers, industrial motherboards, CPU modules, embedded systems, digital signage systems, industrial display and network appliance for different applications in the office and meeting room automations, digital signage, POS/Kiosk, automation and networking markets



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Ascoltare, imparare, offrire la giusta soluzione: ecco di cosa ci occupiamo.

Dell fornisce a paesi, comunità, clienti e utenti di tutto il mondo la possibilità di accedere alle tecnologie necessarie per realizzare i propri sogni. I clienti confidano nella nostra capacità di fornire soluzioni tecnologiche con cui ottenere il massimo in ogni occasione, a casa, sul lavoro, a scuola o in qualsiasi altro posto. Scopri la nostra storia, la nostra missione e le persone alla base del nostro approccio incentrato sul cliente.



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ERREUNO SRL fornisce sistemi e componenti per l’automazione, sia di tipo hardware che software. Erreuno non si propone sul mercato solo come semplice distributore di codici, ma si offre principalmente come partner tecnologico in grado di fornire soluzioni integrate innovative e avanzate, a cui si sommano un supporto tecnico specifico e il valore aggiunto propri dell’azienda.

I settori in cui normalmente operiamo sono :

Food & Beverage, Power & Energy, Automotive, Security, Building, Ferroviario, Navale, Militare.

La filosofia aziendale è quella di proporsi come vostro partner tecnologico in grado di consigliare la soluzione con il miglior rapporto qualità/prezzo. La nostra esperienza al vostro servizio chiavi in mano.



Industry Leading Provider – IP Hardware, Servers, & Storage

Video Management / Access Control / Data Processing



Founded in 2007, IONODES is focused on developing the latest in video encoding, decoding and management appliances and software platforms.

Our unique experience in IP based video managements solutions, as well as our key partnerships with other leading companies in the security space means we can help you with both hardware and software for IP video surveillance. Let us guide you through the steps needed in building the right solution, from hybrid analog and IP solutions, to more advanced multi-site all-IP deployments.


Lanner Electronics

Founded in 1986 and publicly listed (TAIEX 6245) since 2003, Lanner Electronics Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified designer and manufacturer of reliable, frontline network security, network video and embedded computing platforms.

Innovating the solutions you need tomorrow, today

Network Communications Specialist

Lanner services a vast proportion of the network communication market including network security, storage, and Video over IP applications. Our network application platforms employ an innovative modular design, providing unmatched adaptability and longevity. Our bar-setting network video platforms incorporate the latest video technologies for the highest quality video with the lowest bandwidth consumption for tomorrow’s advanced video applications. And our extensive line of embedded computing platforms provide unmatched flexibility and reliability for long-life industrial applications. Lanner offers 5-7 years life-cycle product longevity, 100% customized service at the board and system level, and complete hardware and BIOS version control.


Rasilient Systems

Rasilient Systems is the premier manufacturer and leader in video storage technology. Because we are 100% focused on video surveillance, our products are optimized to give you amazing performance, extraordinary reliability, easy installations, and project scalability.

The recipient of numerous patents, Rasilient storage, servers, viewing and administrative products set new high performance standards in the video surveillance solutions markets.



Seneca is a leading custom computer manufacturer, remanufacturer, and value-added distributor with over 30 years of industry experience. Through engineering expertise and services that bring value to the total technology lifecycle, Seneca meets the needs of SMB, government, education, ISV, OEM, commercial, and retail customers.

Proven Expertise and a Total Solution Offering

Proven engineering and manufacturing expertise make Seneca the trusted source for OEMs and ISVs looking to shorten time to market and decrease project risk. Through a complete, flexible blend of services, Seneca enables our customers to deploy wide-ranging technology solutions designed to enhance the way users live, work and play.

Partner Throughout the Technology Lifecycle

Seneca has received accolades for our partnership, support, and keen insight into the total technology lifecycle—extending the viability of electronics through scalable remanufacturing and a higher standard of green practices.

Known for Nexlink®

Seneca’s capabilities are seen in the well-recognized Nexlink® brand of custom-built desktops, notebooks, servers and storage devices. Every Nexlink® platform is assembled using only the highest-quality, tier-one components and undergoes rigorous testing to receive Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) approval. Nexlink® products consistently offer performance, quality, and reliability to Business, Government, Education, Healthcare, Enthusiast, and OEM customers nationwide.


SureView Systems

SureView Systems is a software company that does one thing. We develop software to improve your ability to manage and respond to security events by creating  an intuitive, easy to use software integration platform. Whether it’s to protect your customer’s facilities, assets and people or your own, our mission has always been the same: to provide a common platform connecting different systems. We call this software Immix,which means to mix, and we now integrate with over 500 of the top security products and systems in the market.

We started in a monitoring station in 2001, the same command center style room everyone of our customers has, and we had a fundamental problem to solve – how could we deliver a consistent level of service to multiple customers, all of whom had different security systems? The answer was to develop our own software, Immix, a system that could integrate these islands of technology creating a single security monitoring platform.

Immix is  UL Certified in the USA, BS8418 in Europe and compliant with the most demanding corporate standards for IT and Networking security.


Tiny Green PC

Who are we?

Welcome – you’re visiting TinyGreenPC, home of the quiet PC, the small PC and the low power PC – in short, tiny PCs that do more with less. Whether you’re after a microserver , an industrial PC, a Windows, Android or Raspberry Pi based media player or a rugged tablet, you’re absolutely in the right place.

What do we do?

Since 2008, TinyGreenPC has helped thousands of customers around the world do more with a smaller IT footprint. We help companies improve by providing ‘genius’ technology that does the job better, faster and cheaper and makes great long-term commercial sense.

What makes us different?

We take the latest processors from Intel, AMD and ARM and craft unique PCs and media players around them. We think of this as the TinyGreenPC magic. Our PCs and media players use less energy to do the job, so are quieter and can be cooled without fans. That also means lower running costs and greater reliability. It helps make them tough and rugged too. Finally we add hardware and software flexibility: offering as many connections and accessories as we can, and supporting Windows, Linux, Android, Raspbian or other operating systems.

Our products:

The TinyGreenPC portfolio encompasses IntensePC, our sixth generation of green PC, PiMedia, our first generation solid state media player and FitPC. Each of these three families is tailored to a specific application requirement. But each has the TinyGreenPC magic: small size, low power and low noise combined with big performance, plentiful processing power and exceptional reliability and flexibility.

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