In the field of cultural heritage there are various issues concerning the safeguarding of buildings and their contents, but also the safety of visitors and employees.

The State department that deals with these assets, in fact, has defined precise guidelines for risk assessment that anyone who installs security systems must take into consideration in order to reach the required standards. In this case, the possibility of malicious human actions aimed at stealing or damaging cultural heritage must be taken into consideration, as well as unforeseen events such as fires.

Arteco has developed its expertise in the protection of cultural heritage and museums over the years by collaborating with installers in the design of active, passive and automated security strategies for some important museums.

The salient features of the installed systems must include:


Streaming transmission and recording with latest generation cameras for the reconstruction of events: high resolution, patrol monitoring and advanced management of multi-lens devices that allow zooming in monitored areas.

Arteco provides VSaaS and VMS solutions that give you the ability to unify all security devices in a single user interface and provide the necessary tools to achieve all-round security.

Both uSee and OMNIA allow you to monitor complex security systems that can include a large number of video streams and third-party devices, providing users with video proof of all events received by the system.


Real-time automatic notifications in case of access inside buildings outside working hours, with pop-up and video confirmation and location of the point of interest on the map.

Arteco’s solutions allows you to receive events from the security system in real-time and obtain details and video evidence immediately. Post-event research is guaranteed by an efficient forensic search function and filters designed to facilitate the work of those involved in surveillance. The main purpose is to focus on the event, avoiding wasted time especially when field intervention is required.


Detection of potentially dangerous situations with intelligent video-analysis systems of the images with the detection of objects left over a certain time within virtual areas with anti-terrorism functions, detection of removed objects, “loitering” for the detection of subjects of interest they are stationed within virtual areas beyond a certain time.

VCA is the video analysis software that allows the automated detection and tracking of people and objects in the monitored area.

The control of anomalous behaviors and objects is possible thanks to deep learning which identifies subjects that:

  • get too close to the works of art;
  • go around the halls in a suspicious and repeated way;
  • crowd into small spaces;
  • enter restricted areas or at unauthorized times.


Entrance tracking to allow access only to authorized persons: an access control system that establishes who has the right to access the most critical areas can guarantee greater security.

5 | FIRE

The ability to promptly detect the onset of a fire can mean saving the lives of many people and goods.


Theft protection is central to safeguarding works of art and preventing them from being damaged.

Arteco software integrates with the major third-party solutions to offer the user a fluid management experience. Through the unified interface of uSee it is possible to access notifications and manage fire, burglar alarm and access control systems of many technological partners with whom Arteco has established collaborations for years.


8 June 2023 · Category: Blog