What can arise when two global companies, leaders in security solutions, work closely? Something unique, which shifts the balance and sets new standards: the Arteco ALPR application installable on Samsung Wisenet III cameras.

Developed by Arteco, a global leader in VEMS solutions, Arteco ALPR is a license plate reading application installable on the Samsung Wisenet III cameras, the flagship camera of the Korean multinational company. The combination of the powerful processor mounted on the top range Samsung cameras and Arteco’s versatile OCR algorithm results in a product suitable for different applications:

  • Access control
  • Parking management
  • Border control
  • Automation of toll road gates
  • Monitoring of residential areas

These are the main features of the application:

  • Automatic recognition of European and US plates
  • Optimized algorithm for recognition of non-standard plates (eg. Motorcycles’ plates, double-lined plates, etc.)
  • Real-time graphics editor for defining the areas in license plate recognition (multi-crop)
  • Automatic correction algorithms to adjust for perspective distortions and/or rotations

In few words: flexibility and high performance at an incredible price.

The application is natively supported by the Arteco VEMS solutions, working in conjunction with our feature-rich application. Additional LPR-only features include the management of lists of plates, the association with automation systems (eg. barriers), email, SMS and audio notifications. The application can also be integrated with third-party VMS solutions and other applications.

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24 June 2015 · Category: Products, technologies and promotions