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Arteco, the industry leader in single-platform Video Event Management Software (VEMS) products for the security industry is now an Iomnis Technology Partner. You can now select the full Arteco suite of products on the Iomnis Portal when designing your server.

How this benefits Arteco and our customers

The IOMNIS optimized solution offers a money back guarantee and a 3 and 5 year on-site warranty worldwide via Dell authorized resellers. Arteco customers can now design their servers and size the infrastructure with a clear understanding of the bandwidth and storage requirements using the IOMNIS portal.

A little about the Portal

The Iomnis Portal is a customizable, one-stop solution for all of your surveillance needs. The Portal hosts The Design Center, a suite of cloud based software tools for creating custom surveillance solutions, utilizing real product specifications.

A little about Iomnis

Iomnis Surveillance Solutions is focused on hardware manufacturing and software development with a strong emphasis on the surveillance industry. Iomnis is currently the only surveillance hardware provider with a money back guarantee when systems are designed on the patent pending Iomnis portal. Iomnis assigns a performance index rating to each server it makes to allow users to understand the load it can handle. The performance index is referred to as SPI, or the Surveillance Performance Index.

Let us know if you have any questions on using the Iomnis Portal!

31 Ottobre 2013 · Categorie: Partnership, Press Releases