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Arteco introduces another important enhancement to their VEMS which will open the doors to the management of Access Control systems directly from the Arteco NEXT platform. The integration of Axis A1001 Network Door Controller now offers all users the possibility to combine the many features of the Axis device with the flexibility and ease of use of the Arteco VEMS.

Among the most eye-catching features, the ability to view and interact with the Access Control system through Arteco Maps; a customizable, dynamic and extremely intuitive maps environment that gives the user the ability to manage Access Control devices with one click. Authorizing access to a visitor, or denying entry to an unauthorized person will become a simple and immediate task thanks to the total interactivity that makes it even easier to manage situational awareness.

In addition to the functionalities manageable through Arteco Maps, there are many special features provided by Arteco NEXT:

  • Receive and view events provided by Axis A1001 in real-time.
  • Associate event/camera (eg. Start PTZ preset, tag recordings, start video analysis, etc.) or event/Arteco Everywhere (or I/O modules installed on the cameras, etc.) to supplement or manage automation with other devices.
  • Search of events associated with a name in the registry.
  • Events Filter.
  • And much more . . .

Want to see what it is? Watch the video

Axis A1001 Network Door Controller + Arteco NEXT = SEEtheDIFFERENCE!

Now available for eMotion, Active and Extreme versions, contact us for more information or require an update of your Arteco NEXT. https://www.arteco-global.com/contact-us/

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