Arteco Everywhere 2.0

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Everywhere 2.0 is the latest version of the Smart IP controller from Arteco. This IP-based I/O device allows complete control of 3rd-party hardware such as automatic doors, gates, lights, loud-speakers as well as the ability to combine security, building, and home automation systems into a single simple solution.


Everywhere 2.0 allows access to the module in order to interface and monitor the operation status of all connected devices through a network connection. The web interface is designed to give users an immediate, clear, and simple way to dynamically and quickly manage the configuration of all integrated devices. Everywhere 2.0 simplifies complex installations with PoE (Power over Ethernet) and DIN rail mount capability, making it easy to use as a stand-alone module complete with its own iOS app or as part of an integrated solution with the ARTECO VEMS.


  • Available in the 8 Input + 8 Output version.
  • Monitoring and control of Input and Output.
  • Mirroring: replication on input and/or output of a form of the state of input and/or output of another module with alarm signal in case of loss connection between the modules.
  • Micro-PLC: simple programming of logical sequences.
  • Network Monitor: network monitoring up to eight devices with signaling in the event of loss of connectivity.
  • Calendar: ability to define the day, hour and minute of activation or shutdown of the output.
  • Follow-input: one or more output following the status of the corresponding input.
  • Sending email on event.
  • DDNS client for your service DynDns.
  • Custom commands: http sending commands to other devices.

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