Intelligent fencing

14 junio 2019 · Categorías: Blog
Arteco Global

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Fences are probably the oldest security device in history. Nevertheless, contemporary security industry transformed them into sophisticated tools to protect the most crucial public assets and private properties.

Indeed, fences have become the outermost barrier of articulated systems based on a layered approach that pushes the detection line to the outside to keep ahead of events, intercept intruders in advance and give better and faster reply to threats, far before they can reach the inside.

As awareness is key for security professionals, fences can amplify the ability of understanding events through a remarkable number of applications that make physical barriers intelligent.

Movement detection sensors distributed along the barrier (walls, metal fencing, electric security fences, etc.) are able to measure movements and vibrations to send alarms to the control room. This kind of sensors can also be employed in PIDS below-ground to identify vehicle and people movements, as well as digging or mechanical drilling.

The potential for integration is huge: intelligent fences can include other security devices like alarms, CCTV camera, floodlights, sirens etc. that can be automatically or manually activated in response to sensors. Arteco provides the best solutions to easily manage such a layered multi-device system: thanks to Arteco NEXT VMS and the add-on Security Connector it is possible to integrate and manage a whole range of devices and data to give a rapid interpretation and a coherent response to events.

Indeed, Arteco centralized interface allows for the association of the detected event with the video proof and the geo-location within the monitored area. It guarantees evident advantages in the analysis of the occurrence, reduces nuisance alarms and ease the work of security professional offering one solution for the management of complex security systems.

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