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This week we highlight the SENTINEL AE4A Kit from Natech Universal Security, our partner in South Africa. The SENTINEL AE4K Kit is a complete stand-alone unit that provides robust edge-based video analytics in a rugged form-factor at an attractive price-point.

Natech understood the need for a solution with integrated analytics for any integrator to easily sell and deploy. Powered by Arteco Logic NEXT Enterprise video content analysis software, edge based industrial micro NVR, analogue cameras and IR illuminators giving a total of 200m perimeter protection which could be extended to any distance by merely adding additional kits.

Our Executive Vice President of Sales, Steve Birkmeier, sat down with the Technical Director of Natech and the designer of the solution, Dean Sichelschmidt, to discuss the impact of this product on the South African Security Market.

SB:The Sentinel AE4A Kit is an innovative application for video analytics deployed in the field, what was the thought-process that triggered the development?

DS: Well, being in the industry for almost 16 years one always tries to look at solutions for customers that would offer great value for money and that would sell without much fuss. By “fuss” I mean certain perimeter solutions seem to require a large amount of time and effort into the site preparation such as power, fiber, etc so by the time the client receives a final quote they are “surprised” at the cost just for the labour and data charges. 

So before we got involved with Arteco we had the challenge of offering high quality/well priced perimeter solutions. After being introduced to Arteco it became clear that from a software/analytics perspective we have finally met the right partner. The addition of the Arteco Micro NVR was the piece of the puzzle that allowed an edge based, rapidly deployable solution to become a reality.

Read the full interview and see the Sentinel AE4A Kit Up close by clicking here


28 noviembre 2013 · Categorìas: Partnership, Products, technologies and promotions