Arteco Marketing Platform

Today’s retailers must address a number of needs to ensure customer satisfaction and maximize profits, while also protecting assets, employees and customers. Arteco Marketing Platform is a valuable solution for any retail environment because it allows organizations to boost business intelligence, mitigate risk, streamline front-end training and provide stakeholders with a better picture of customer demographics, advanced asset tracking devices and marketing data.


Arteco Marketing Platform is the ideal solution for several vertical markets, including:

  • Retail: loss prevention, marketing strategy analysis, flow analysis and demographic of customers
  • Hospitality: marketing strategy analysis, flow analysis and demographic of customers


By integrating the latest and widely used IP camera technologies and advanced video analysis algorithms, Arteco Marketing Platform provides statistical data about customer retention and flows within organizations.

  • Manage from 1 to up to hundreds of stores/venues
  • Acquires and processes data from POS and cash registers
  • Acquires and processes data from video analysis algorithms such as People Counting, Heatmap, Crowd detection and Biometric

Thanks to data processing, the platform is able to offer a wide range of useful information:

  • Conversion Rate: Manage resources and optimize marketing campaigns to increase revenues
  • Events related to anomalies, eg. the presence of people inside the shop during the closing time
  • Reports in .pdf format
  • Trend analysis comparisons between multiple shops


Arteco Marketing Platform is a innovative and unique web-based solution designed to enable security professionals, but also operations managers, to constantly monitor activities at any time and place, so not only through VEMS Arteco NEXT, but also from portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Arteco Marketing Platform require fewer installation and training hours, aiding in cost-efficiency for organizations that must meet strict budgetary requirements. Over time, stakeholders see a reduction in total cost of ownership and increased ROI by choosing to invest in a solution that enhances intelligence, management and flexibility.

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