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Arteco announced its Marketing Platform as part of a series of product enhancements announced at this year’s ISC West 2017 conference. A unique and innovative web-based tool, the Arteco Marketing Platform provides users in retail stores, restaurants, hotels and more with increased insight into transaction history, buying trends and conversion rates. The solution supports intelligence gathering from a single location to hundreds of stores, providing a comprehensive view of marketing efforts across an organization’s infrastructure. People counting, heat mapping, biometrics and other advanced video analytics help users identify key data points, manage resources and optimize marketing campaigns to increase revenue.

With the ability to integrate point-of-sale into the Arteco VEMS platform, retailers, banks and small businesses can improve the investigation of suspicious transactions. To quickly identify fraudulent instances, operators can search the transaction history by querying predefined criteria and view the video tied to these events. The integration of video and transaction data enables retailers to be more proactive with loss prevention and theft reduction.

Arteco Marketing Platform is part of a series of enhancements to Arteco’s video event management software (VEMS) that helps stakeholders gain new levels of awareness within their security and business infrastructures. The company has expanded its focus to provide customized systems that fit the requirements of specific vertical applications, such as retail, logistics, Safe City and critical infrastructure.


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