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Integration between different devices is becoming increasingly necessary in the security world. Arteco LPR combines license plate reading with video surveillance, increasing the level of security and control of each installation while maintaining ease of use, sensible costs, and optimization of resources.


There are many areas in which the Arteco LPR Plugin can be applied: access control, crime prevention and control of territory, employee time/attendance monitoring, and many others.

Depending on your needs, there are two different approaches to license plate recognition solutions. If it’s necessary to detect vehicles on roads with heavy traffic and high speed, dedicated cameras such as ETH, Selea, Tattile and other manufacturers are ideal. If it’s necessary to record the license plates of vehicles in areas where speed is limited, you can opt for the Arteco LPR application installable on IP cameras, like the WISENET III series of Samsung, a lower-cost alternative that sacrifices neither performance nor functionality.


Arteco LPR, combined with Arteco-certified cameras, is easy to configure and manage, because it is completely integrated into the Arteco NEXT software platform. The system has the ability to create and manage a database of license plates by matching LPR-detected plates against a plate in the database. When a plate is recognized, the system generates and manages event notifications, allowing for access control operations (like opening/closing a barrier) or sending specific reports (SMS, mail, audio).


Thanks to the OPEN structure of Arteco NEXT, Arteco LPR integrates seamlessly with third-party traffic monitoring systems to increase the value and performance of each installation. Through this architecture it is possible, for example, to view real-time statistics about the types of passing vehicles , connect to the records of the authorities to seek and obtain data on vehicles without insurance coverage, or analyze traffic flows, and many other unique features .


The Arteco LPR Plugin is now available for the eMotion, Active and Extreme versions of Arteco Next, and requires the use of specific cameras. Each system allows the management of a high number of both LPR cameras and traditional cameras with no loss in performance. Arteco LPR is not a simple OCR, but an LPR “open” to any third-party hardware and software solution.

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