Arteco Extreme

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Stay one step ahead with Extreme, Arteco’s most powerful version ever.

Extreme does it all: advanced video analysis for object and area video analytics, environmental controls, storage failover, hot back-up, Microsoft Active Directory support and Virtual Machine all built-in! Unlimited site and user profile management makes Extreme the perfect solution not just for large companies and organizations but also for anybody who wants to achieve high-level monitoring performance in real-time.

  • Multi-server Centralization
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections & User Accounts
  • ONVIF & RTSP compatible
  • Supports H.264, M-jpeg, Mpeg-4
  • Extreme Analytics (advanced filters, backgrounds, area exclusion, Perspective, Environmental Intelligence)
  • Privacy Zones
  • Maps Supervisor
  • Camera Selections & User Policies Definition
  • Microsoft Active Directory Support
  • Storage failover & Server Hot backup
  • Virtual Machine
  • Record data 24/7 on local and network storage
  • Access locally and remotely with Arteco Logic Next®, Web Browser and Smartphone
  • Watermarking (Certification integrity of recorded images)
  • PTZ control: Manual or Automatic (programmable presets and sequences)
  • 3 user levels with different rights: Administrator, Power User, User

Optionals: LPR (License Plate Recognition), Arteco Everywhere, 3rd party software plugin

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