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EasyTraffic is a Web-based software solution that manages information from license plate recognition (LPR) cameras, providing users with critical data about vehicular traffic within a designated area.

EasyTraffic acquires images from LPR-enabled cameras and combines them with high-resolution images from IP cameras to deliver details of the license plate and a wider, detailed view of the environment.

EasyTraffic is flexible and expandable, and is designed for various events including:

  • Watch list management and alerts
  • Vehicle identification (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc)
  • Stolen vehicles alerts
  • Unauthorized vehicle alarms
  • Dangerous material notifications

EasyTraffic delivers data that can be used to manage traffic situation, limiting potential challenges and enhancing the parking experience.

Pre-configured charts enable operators to easily determine:

  • Vehicle counts
  • An automobile’s year, model and country of origin
  • Average speeds and traffic distribution

Designed as a Web-based application, EasyTraffic can be accessed with Arteco NEXT or on any device with network access.

When used in combination with Arteco NEXT, stakeholders can leverage video analysis software to detect vehicles parked in prohibited areas, locate objects/obstacles on the roadway and easily identify vehicles traveling in the wrong direction.

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