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b! satisfies all your communication needs.

The company plans, creates and maintain complex telecommunication systems through a tight collaboration with clients, multimedia communication operators and large system integrators. Highly customized solutions and innovative services can originate from such synergy, with a special attention given to applications dedicated to security to guarantee perfect operation of all network infrastructures.


ETH Security

ETH Security is the Company of Eurotech Group specialized in the realization of advanced products and systems for the security industry. The most innovative and winning technologies are used for the realization of effective and competitive products and systems.

The business products are developed with concepts of distributed intelligence, ensuring each one a specific security function. It follows the possibility of creating distributed and scalable security architectures, which can be easily integrated in control logics from remote, or in web technology, even arriving to propose, only ones in the world, security architectures in Cloud Computing technology.

The product range, the effectiveness and the reliability of the performances, the modes of communication and management of the field allow to face unsolved problems with the normal security technologies, giving the customers the possibility of thinking and realizing new scenarios and new services. 

The distributed intelligence, the complete control from remote via web, the Cloud Computing, they change the paradigms of security proposal, they upset the limits and the perspectives, producing immediate chances and simple, economic and effective solutions.



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InfoProget srl nasce nel 2002 con l’obiettivo di sviluppare soluzioni complesse nel campo della videosorveglianza digitale.

Da cinque anni abbiamo avviato la produzione di una linea di prodotti di videosorveglianza mobile che intendiamo iniziare a commercializzare anche all’estero.

Le esperienze maturate sino ad oggi ci collocano tra le aziende più preparate a livello nazionale.

Operiamo nel settore militare (Forze dell’Ordine), paramilitare (Polizie Municipali e Protezione Civile) e civile.

Nel corso del 2012 abbiamo rilasciato una soluzione di riconoscimento targhe e analisi dei flussi di traffico assolutamente innovativa rivolta agli Enti Pubblici.



We design and manufacture smart cameras such as: automatic license plate reading cameras for access control and town security, devices of customer analytics for the retail sector and UMTS / GPRS cameras for video-intelligence applications.



We have developed and produced Vision Systems, for a diversified range of applications, for over 20 years.

Therefore, Tattile is structured in the following three divisions:

  • Our Industrial Division creates customized machine vision systems such as digital cameras, smart cameras and embedded systems for quality control applications and image analysis in several different fields: pharmaceutical, packaging, food & beverage, automotive, semiconductor industries and many more.
  • Our Traffic Division creates smartcams for number plate reading (ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and road traffic control, used in innovative ITSs (Intelligent Transport Systems) for tolling, tracking, access control and enforcement applications.
  • Our Railways Division specializes in developing PISs (Passenger Information System) for the information, security and on-board entertainment of train passengers. The quality of our products is IRIS-certified (International Railway Industry Standard).

Our strength is our vocation for innovation, supported by our excellent R&D Team: their expertise in hardware-software and integration allows us to project vision systems up to date with the newest technologies.

Tattile’s Business Growth Strategy was reinforced in November 2012 with an investment made by Ambienta SGR, the largest European private equity fund in the environmental sector.

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