Access Control


APICE was founded in 1990 and it soon specialized in the field of the access control, gradually becoming the undisputed leader of the Italian market.

At present it produces and provides complete solutions for: 

Access Control

The company has at its disposal various technologies to identify people, moving from the magnetic card to the transponder, to the reading of the number plates, to the biometric identification, and also keys manager cabinets. The feasible systems vary from the simple opening of a controlled gate without the supervision of a PC, to a huge system with hundreds of controlled gates.

Building Automation

The Building Evolution division is responsible for all the legal aspects, not only concerning the Building Automation. APICE goes beyond the definition “automation of building” and it provides complete, versatile and extremely reliable SOLUTIONS. Access, temperature and lighting control systems are all managed on a single standard communication network (LonWorks® technology), assuring a global automation solution in places like schools, offices, hotels, etc.

3 segments of products and solutions are consequently created: SBS (Smart Building System), SAS (Smart Access System) e SHS (Smart Hotel System), the last one is entirely dedicated to the hotel, and facilities in general, automation.

Time Attendance

Special modern and highly technological APICE, terminals make the attendances examination simple and efficient which consent an easier and more rapid elaboration of the wage packets.


BlueWave Security

BlueWave Security was founded in 2005 and is a leading manufacturer of access control solutions in developing an end-to-end, IP-based physical access control solution. BlueWave is a pioneer in creating a unification of physical and IT security products.

The company is headquartered in Escondido, California with an engineering office in Austin, Texas. The BlueWave Security management team has a combined 50+ years’ experience in the security products industry.

Our access control products and solutions are sold through our distributor partners and sales support is offered through our regional rep group partners. BlueWave controllers and BlueView software are made, assembled, engineered and supported in the U.S.A.

PDF Overview Brochure: BlueWave Security_Overview Brochure_f1114



HID Global provides the industry’s most extensive portfolio of readers, cards, controllers and software to create, manage and use secure identities.

Built with interoperability in mind, HID Global’s open platform supports multiple credential technologies and offers the greatest degree of flexibility and choice in secure access control. Consisting of leading brands including Seos®, iCLASS SE®, standard iCLASS®, pivCLASS®, SmartID®, HID Prox and Indala® Prox, HID Global’s access control readers and credentials feature low-frequency (125 kHz), high-frequency (13.56 MHz) and multi-technology solutions. Genuine HID® networked access solutions, including VertX® controllers and EDGE® IP-based access control hardware are designed to meet the demands of open architecture, IP-centric environments. Visitor management solutions include EasyLobby®, bringing security and professionalism to the management of vendors and guests.

* integration through third-party partners



At Paxton, we design and manufacture market leading IP access control, door entry and building intelligence systems for smart buildings.

With over 30 years of experience, we put our core values of simplicity, quality and honesty at the heart of everything we do. Our products harness the latest technology to provide powerful, yet easy to install and use solutions. We provide world class technical support and free training to ensure we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations, supporting them and their businesses.

We develop systems for the mid-market (such as education, healthcare, retail, leisure, commercial and public sector) and provide solutions suitable for a wide range of sites and requirements. At present, around 25,000 buildings are secured by Paxton globally each year.

Based in Brighton, East Sussex, Paxton manufacture locally and export to over 60 countries worldwide. Our team is constantly expanding internationally and we currently have over 300 employees located across the globe, with offices in the UK, US, France, Germany, South Africa, Middle East, Scandinavia and Benelux.

Paxton projects include Manchester United, graze, Michelin, Cherbourg Airport, Boucheries Nivernaises, Ostermalm Food Hall, Kingsway Park High School and Foyles.

 Download the Paxton Integration Brochure




ZKTeco is a leading global developer of security and time management solutions. ZKTeco is subdivided in five distinct business segment/divisions which are known as: ZKTechnology, ZKAccess, ZKVision, ZKBiolock and ZKAFIS. Each ZKTechnology division has dedicated team of experts and professionals to serve our customers and partners worldwide.

ZKTechnology has over 2000 employees at its R&D/Manufacturing facility in China along with branch offices/subsidairies in USA, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand and India. Our global offices further enhance our ability to provide local product/ logistic support, and service our customers/partners more effectively and efficiently. Companies integrate their applications with our readers to efficiently and effortlessly manage time, money, materials, people and physical access to sensitive areas. ZKAccess’s Access Control Readers are relied upon to enhance crowd control at concerts, bolster security at airports, track student meal purchases and do so much more.

ZKAccess’s product lines include, biometric (fingerprint and/or face) and RFID products. MultiBio 700, which offers an industry first – both fingerprint and facial recognition! Our solutions are multi-lingual and localized in over 18 different languages. ZKAccess proudly offers the following products: Biometric Time Attendance, Biometric Access Control, RFID Time Attendance, RFID Access Control, Handheld Biometric reader and Biometric consumer products – Door Lock.

Open Connector – ZKAccess integration

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